Attention Cappers: Want more $1K, $5K, $10K, and $25K Sales WITHOUT ever jumping on a single call...

"Let Our PROVEN Team Of Closers Sell YOUR VIP Pick Packages With ZERO Out Of Pocket Costs!"

Finally! A Done For You Commission Only Sales Team Solution!

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  • What do I need to get started? 

    First off, you must be an established in the sports betting industry with a steady and targeted lead flow.

  • Will clients or leads know your outsourcing phone sales?

    Nope, never!  Our team will always answer each call under your domain or brand name.  Example, "Thanks for calling how can I help you today?"  

  • ​Do our salesmen have a foreign accent?

    No accents here.  All of our team is 100% U.S. Based! 

    In fact, Our offices are located in Florida, Georgia, and Maryland.

  • ​How is your information and leads protected?

    This is two fold a bit.

    A. We work direct from your CRM so you control our limitations.

    B . We are happy to sign off on any NDA that legally protects the privacy of your leads and resources.

  • ​Where do we run the orders?

    All sales are ran under your merchants.

  • ​Who is responsible for fulfilling picks?

    Either your team or our team can do fulfillment.  Although, we 100% rely on YOU for picks.  We are not handicappers.

    There's perks to to either approach.

  • ​How do we prevent refunds and chargebacks?

    Our CB & refund rate is extremely low.  This is due to the relationship factor of phone sales. 

  • How do you keep a pulse on what's going on?  

    Simple, you're given access to our phone system where you can see every incoming and outgoing call.  Plus, you can listen to each recorded call if you please.

  • ​How quick can you get started?

    Once we have an agreement in place within 24 hours.
Or call / text: 702-308-0401
Talk now?  Call or text: 702.308.0401
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